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Full Service Event Production in LA

Key player in event production services and provider of quality production equipment. We specialize in turnkey and individual services, as well as rentals, for lighting, audio, video, entertainment, flower design, staging, special effects and event logistics.
With over twenty years of experience producing corporate functions, high end and international events, we provide a high level of service and attention. Our team will design smart, audience-captivating solutions tailored to meet the specific production needs of each event.

We tailor our services to suit your specific production needs. We know that the lighting, audio, video are incredibly different for each event. We also understand that our design, equipment and delivery need to adapt to the meet each event's distinct goals, aesthetics and guest experience. We work directly with designers, artists and vendors to create a customized approach to each event, which allows our team to deliver a seamless production experience to every client.



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